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The main question is, why should you be without your teeth and the ability to enjoy your lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?
You send us your dentures, either the upper or lower or both. In less then a day, we will copy your original to the exact finite dimensions. It needs to be an acrylic denture. If you have any questions, please ask us ahead of time.
What is the warranty?

Five years against breakage.
Why should I do this?
If you break your denture on a trip or away from home, why should you be without the ability to enjoy your lifestyle? If your denture breaks and your dentist cannot take you in for weeks, what do you do in the mean time? This is a SPARE safety net if your dentures were to get damaged.
How accurate is this replacement denture?

It is a carbon copy of your existing denture. If your denture fits, your new denture will fit also. It Is Identical! The color of the teeth will also be closely matched to your old denture. We will make every effort to match the teeth color from your old denture to your duplicate denture. Our technology affords us the ability to match 95% or better but some instances the shade may slightly be differed on the teeth.